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Certain Flowers for Certain Occasions
by Michael Day of Flowerville

Q. Are there some flowers that are "too happy" to send to a funeral?

A. Flowers are a natural, beautiful expression of life. They have been used throughout history to represent joy, love, sadness, and the whole of life's emotions & feelings.

They are an expression when sent for any particular occasion. They are appropriate for all occasions.

It is not the flowers that make an occasion happy or sad. They simply are an expression of the sender's intentions.

At times of sadness, remember that sending flowers is a way to express you remembrance of a life past, send support & love, and show hope to the loved ones at this sad time.

Cheerful flowers; bright colors are an uplifting thoughtful way of revering life & all the joy of it, even at the time of mourning.

Q. I want to send some flowers for Sweetest Day that shows I am interested but we aren't "sweethearts" yet so I don't want to send roses. What would you advise?

A. For Sweetest Day, and any day, sending flowers show you care & you are thinking of someone. If you send flowers, the recipient knows you are interested!

For that "not too serious" bouquet, send a bouquet of bright gerbera daisies or maybe some fragrant lilies & freesia! Thoughtful, beautiful...but not too committal!

Q. How long do mums hold up in a vase?

A. Mums are one of the longest lasting flowers.

Depending on which of the many varieties you have, expect anywhere from 1-3 weeks, but remember to change water & clean vase every 3-5 days for maximum vase life!

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