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Questions about Florists
by Michael Day of Flowerville

Q. How do I find a good florist - are their certifications or guides or just word of mouth or?

A. Like all professionals, time & experience are good credentials.

To "find" a "good florist" is usually a matter of convenience to the customer, and the professional business practice of the vendor. Always remember to support your local florist and begin to build a relationship with them. They want to build loyal customers, so give them a chance to meet you & learn what you like & expect.

In the same way, learn what your florist can provide for you. Go into the store! See who you deal with & what they have to offer.

Your florist is a very personal vendor who you will rely upon for all the special moments of your life - Births, religious events, Weddings, holidays, sympathy etc.

You should partner with an established, professional who is dedicated to the floral industry as a profession, not just a part time hobby. Insist on a FULL SERVICE, PROFESSIONAL FLORIST.

Q. How much of a problem is ethylene control for florists?

A. Ethylene is always a concern to florists.

Many varieties of flowers are ethylene sensitive & the life of a bloom can be diminished if too much ethylene is evident.

The industry tries continuously to battle common causes of ethylene production.

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