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Your questions answered by our expert
Michael Day of Flowerville

Q.What would you recommend sending to a funeral home that isn’t mums and carnations? I’d like to develop a “signature” arrangement but I’m at a loss as to what to include?

A.A signature item to send for a funeral is an excellent idea. You may want to come into the shop and see photos if you are not familiar with different styles of arrangements or types of specialty blooms.

Choosing one type of bloom arranged or a single color tone arrangement is a nice alternative to the mixed floral look. Remember, sometimes less is more!!

But that can also apply to the price of your signature piece! More unusual blooms cost more!

Don't forget about using green plants & blooming plants. A single type or combination of plants in a certain container is a nice alternative to cut flowers! Maybe a simple, elegant orchid plant the family can take home....small, simple, understated, but elegant!

My personal choice is an arrangement of all white blooms. Classic, elegant & in some way, reverent.

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Michael Day

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