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Tips on Purchasing Flowers
from a Florist
by Sue Carney Miller

When going to a florist, the clerk will ask you a few simple questions that will enable her to help you get exactly what you want.

First she will ask how much would you like to spend? Do you want a fresh arrangement or would you like a plant? Are they for a man or woman? Are you purchasing flowers for a funeral , a loved one, a special occasion or just for your home?

Here are some guidelines to help you choose your flowers. These prices are just examples -Some shops can be higher or lower depending on the area.

Traditional Basket
Prices usually start at $40.00. This basket is made of white plastic. Depending on what flowers you choose, that will bring up the cost of the basket. Daisys, carnations, and mums are some of your cheaper flowers. Roses and lilies are more expensive flowers. The more you put in, the higher the price will be.

Floral Centerpiece
These can be in baskets, ceramic containers, have driftwood and can be designed in many shapes. They can also be silk. Again depending on the types of flowers these can run anywhere from $25.00 on up.

Vases can be a nice touch to any home. Vases usually start around $30.00 and up.

Planters consist of live house plants. Some can have blooming flowers, others will be just green. A florist will usually put some fresh flowers in water tubes to brighten up the plants. Planters start at $20.00 and up.

Each florist is different with pricing so make sure you ask. They also have a delivery charge so be sure you tell the salesman how much you want to spend in total on the arrangement.

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