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Q. Any advice for decorating for the holidays? My friend loads her house with Santa items whereas I like the look of a simple candle in the window. Is more better?

A.There are many themes from which to choose. That is personal. As a designer, I take a different approach and focus.

Unless you use techniques that result in achieving balance in the placement of all items in your home, it becomes clutter. That is especially true with all holiday decorations.

I would suggest selecting styles that are appropriate to your tastes. That does not mean that they need to "match", but they must be complimentary.

If you use multiple themes, repeat each theme a minimum of three times in an area, and balance is automatically achieved.

If you would like to know more about this method of achieving balance in your home, our six session seminar called 'Secrets of Interior Design' is your solution. Call us at 216-229-1000 for dates and information.

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Reita Bayman

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