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Painting Options

Q. My bedroom paint needs a freshening up.

I don't want to change the bedding but how will I get the new paint noticed if I just have it repainted the same color?

A. Try a new color. Change a lamp shade to a complimentary color, add a new picture or recover a chair.

Make your decisions based on placing similar colors or styles in a triangle space. This leads to good balance. You will really great a fresh look!

It's not about how much you spend or change, but how you do it.

HGTV is a wonderful teacher. Reflections also gives classes that are geared toward the consumer.

Q. I'm going to be painting my rooms soon and I'm in the process of choosing colors.

Are the darker colors still trendy? If not, what is?

A. Don't worry about trends.

Chose what appeals to you and concentrate on creating a total environment. Changing colors or adding a new piece will only be exactly what it is.

You need to re-think your space or spaces and try a new fresh look. Again, it helps to have professional help.

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Reita Bayman of Reflections
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