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Personal Design Choices

Q. We have had a South Western motif in our living room for years. My friends have re-done their rooms many times since and always ask me when I am going to redecorate.

How often to people typically redecorate a living room? Thank you.

A. Redecorating is totally personal. If a room is well conceived and executed, it is easier to make changes without starting over.

You can even add an additional theme or diminish the southwest feel. Today southwest is lots of looks.

Try a new magazine called Western Interiors and you will experience some great looks.

Q. What do you think of a house where they make you take you shoes off when you enter?

The family room (our destination) and the hall leading to it were wood flooring. I guess I could see some care being taken if it was a white rug but shouldn't a home be for living?

I thought it was very rude. What do you think. PS I feel the same about protective coverings on furniture.

A. Every one of us gets to live in our own homes as we please. I sure do not want to change that!

The decisions we make often time reflect our values.

I would say that in this case their "castle" is more important that the visitors!

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Reita Bayman of Reflections
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