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Carpet Selection

Q. What material do you suggest for carpeting? We have no small children but do have a dog and want long wear and don't want the dirt to show.

A. Since I don't know where the carpet is going or the type and color of your dog I can not be very specific. I would first of all choose something that was pleasing to you.

Darker colors show less dirt but if you have a light haired dog that could be a consideration. I would suggest looking at synthetic or natural materials with pattern and multiple colors or variations in tone.

There are flat weave patterns that are made from Olefin that are great looking and very practical.

I would also suggest seagrass. It is a plant that grows in water. It does not accept dye or any other type of stain. It wears well, is affordable and has a classy look.

I have used it in my home, including my laundry room. Clorox has no affect on it. It can be used wall-to-wall or made into area rugs.

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Reita Bayman

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