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Game Room

Q. Hi. We have just purchased our own home, the games room is 19.6' X 16' in area with a pillar (support beam) near dead centre. We have 4 full size casino slot machines, a full size air hockey table and a 4.5 X 8' pool table to place in this room, the rug is builder grade and beige, we are not interested in replacing this right away.

We are looking for some design / décor ideas for this room. It is my husband's room to decorate but I thought I might be able to get him some guidance with this room. My husband wants to put a 6-8 foot bar also in the room.

We also have 2 table slot machines to place in this area. It is basically rectangular in shape, with 8' an ceiling. The walls are currently a blank canvass, (light beige).

We hope you can forward any of your own ideas that you may have. Canada is not very well equipped with designer such as you!!

Thanks for your time, Paul & Jan

A. Congratulations on your new home! It sounds like you are going to have fun in your game room. You have supplied me with a lot of information but not quite enough to be able to give you good advice.

The way I would approach this project is to first create a to-scale floor plan. All openings, windows and doors need to be placed to establish traffic patterns and usable wall space. Then placement of furniture and games can be planned.

Next is determining colors and details followed by a theme or concept to pull the multiple use space together.

If you would like more help please contact us (216-229-100, reflections01@ameritech.net) and we can discuss the particulars involved.

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Reita Bayman

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