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Theme Room

Q.I see a lot of theme rooms being done on TV. Is this a real trend or just a gimmick for television?

A. I love your question. It goes to the very base of creating a peaceful environment.

Just as in a story or movie, spaces need to create a total experience. Not only should there be a theme - but possibly multiple subjects in each space.

The themes can be very strong or subtle depending on the preference of the owner. Themes in themselves tell a story. Without this, rooms become gathering places for one-of-a-kind items or materials that represent only the preference of the buyer.

When a room is comprised of only unique items and materials based on the purchaser's preferences, selections will not relate to each other, and the room will not seem easily understandable.

Thus creating a subject or theme is not new but only recently being demonstrated and understood since television has focused on interior design.

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Reita Bayman

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