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Color Choice Questions for the Designer

Q. Do you suggest I buy my new refrigerator in white? I like color but wonder if that is wise since the refrigerator will last many years hopefully.

A. Design choices should not be made strictly on favorites for styles, colors or materials unless they are displayed museum style. Then each item is a star and stands alone.

That does not describe a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or cabinets. These are all part of a bigger area - the kitchen - so make all choices by repeating colors and materials with consistency.

Placement in the space is also important in making decisions. If all white appliances are in one area and all dark cabinets are in the remaining space, the area will feel out of balance - lacking flow and rhythm.

What I'm saying is that you choose by imagining the space and selecting colors that are consistent, repeating and placed to create visual balance. If good design techniques are always used, being out of style takes many years and should not be a concern.

Q. Do people still use plain white sheets? I like them but they almost seem medical now.

A. If you like white sheets use them and enjoy them.

For variety you could use accent pillow cases or mix sheet accents (lace, bindings etc.) or use white on white patterns. Have fun!

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Reita Bayman

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