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Q. Do you anticipate any "hot" styles or colors for the Fall Season? My living room and bathroom need a remodeling and I'd like to be current.

A. In my interior design practice, I shy away from "what's new for this season" unless it is appealing to my customer.

Making a few strong changes "to keep up" in our homes usually only causes more problems than it solves. In your case, the bath and living rooms represent both a small and a large volume area of your home.

If you stray to far from the appearance of the remaining rooms it can become visually confusing. Perhaps you are ready for "hot colors". That is the reason you should chose that course --- not because that is what is in.

For baths and kitchens there are so many choices in styles of sinks, tubs, faucets and cabinetry that create various styles and looks. Visit suppliers, read the latest shelter magazines and determine what you like.

The best advice I can share with you is to pick a theme that appeals to you. Focus on materials that are appropriate to your chosen theme.

Do not select items and materials just because you like them. When used in the same space, they may not like each other!

I compare using your favorites as choosing stars. It is like watching the academy awards --- lots of stars, but, no story. Watching this every night is too much.

Rooms and houses need a story or a theme that holds them together. Then, your space will seem less cluttered and more peaceful.

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Reita Bayman

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