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Q. I was recently brought to task by a friend when I used the word "drapes". She acted as if I had used a curse word and said that they should never be called "drapes." They are "draperies." Is this true?

A. There are a hundred plus words that are specific to the window covering industry. They are used to clarify a style or method. Drapes or draperies are two of those descriptive words.

Window treatments can be very simplistic as well as very complicated. As a designer, I focus on the appropriateness of the treatment to meet the needs of the environment of the window and the people using the space.

The words that you use are tools in defining or clarifying a method to the customer or a workroom. In many cases there are multiple methods or styles used at the same window.

Also not all professionals use exactly the same words. I believe your friend is focusing on a moot point.

Q. Please settle an argument. What exactly is a "mud room" Is it the same as a "Florida room?"

A. A mud room is a space that is used for transitioning from outside to the living area.

The intent is that wet, dirty shoes can be cleaned or left there. Many times the "mud" room is also the laundry or everyday coat closet.

A "Florida" room is an enclosed area with a lot of windows that have the ability to be opened easily for a great deal of ventilation.

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Reita Bayman

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