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Pam from Shaker Hts asks:
Some people say living rooms have gone the way of the extra parlor now that family and great room are so common. Is this true?

A. Living rooms seem to not be used especially if they are a "dead end" and too formal.

Anonymous asks:
We are redecorating our home and would like to know if there are any current trends or colors coming up. Last time we went southwestern. We lean toward the contemporary.

A.Colors and theme should be about what you like and is appropriate to the subject matter so it seems real. Try to avoid trends.

Joann from Rocky River asks:
A sofa or couch was always in every living room. I wonder how necessary they are with recliners so popular - they are seldom used and take up so much room?

A. Form follows function: Do what is best for your life style, but do it in a way that is pleasing to your eye.

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