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Your Auto Questions

Q. Do any of the cars have air bags for the back seat?

A. Some higher end imports have rear air bags and they are just starting to make their way into the US market. You'll probably see them as an option in the next couple of years

Q. My turn signals won't work - but my emergency flashers do. Any ideas?

A. Most likely your turn signal flasher is bad; you have one for your turn signals and one for your flashers. That is why your flashers are still working.

Worst case would be the turn signal switch in the steering column, but I would bet it's the flasher.

Q. I'm new to the Cleveland area and driving on snow this winter sounds scary. I'll be getting a new car soon. Is there anything I can look for that will help drive in this weather? Thanks.

A. Welcome to Cleveland. Driving on snow and ice is a challenge even for the most seasoned driver. Front wheel drive cars tend to be the best bet for our winters unless you get an SUV that has 4 wheel drive.

What it really comes down to is drive slow and be cautious of other people. Some people just need to drive fast regardless of the weather.

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