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ABS Brakes

Q. Do ABS brakes really make me stop better or faster?

A. Absolutely not! This is a common misconception.

The fact is ABS brakes will prevent you from skidding if you have to slam on the brakes because your tires won't lock up. They are wonderful in that special circumstance where you stop fast because you can steer out of a skid.

For day-to-day driving, you will not notice a difference.

When you need them that one time, you will be very glad you have them.

Q. Can you explain anti-lock brakes to me? Thank you.

A.Anti-lock brakes are quite different from conventional brakes and take some getting used to. They are well worth having.

First , they don't lock up and cause you to skid or slip out of control. They are made to let you steer the vehicle away from a problem while still having your foot on the brake and having complete control of the vehicle.

Actually, the best way to get used to the anti-lock brakes is to test them out in a parking lot (empty of course) on a rainy day to get the feel of what they do.

One rule is when you apply the brakes in a hard stop situation, keep your foot on the brake pedal, do not pump them. You will hear some pretty strange noises but that just means that they are working.

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