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Human Ware

Ergonomics affects all computer users, even you! Computers are very useful and have dramatically changed the way we live and work. Computers have helped us to learn more, and to stay in touch with each other. They have also caused problems. The problems I'm talking about aren't with software or hardware - the problems are with humanware.

Humanware is: the way that your body relates to your computer desk and chair; how your body relates to your keyboard, mouse, and monitor; and how your computer desk and chair relates to your keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Today, we spend much time at the computer sitting for long periods performing visually and physically demanding tasks. As our computer use increases, so does the risk of injuries related to improper ergonomic practices.

Human performance ultimately depends on comfort. So it's important to consider all ergonomic and human factors to ensure your health. By ignoring comfort, peak performance drops and many keyboarding errors occur. You might be pressing the wrong keys, clicking the wrong button or looking at the wrong spot.

Fatigue sets in, discomfort is felt, and this leads to pain. If the root cause of the pain is not removed and pain continues, an injury may result.

Our basic principle is: "if you are uncomfortable, due to poor computer setup, you can't have as much fun as the computer user who is comfortable." When you are comfortable you are able to increase time at your computer.

Designing and arranging a workstation that considers ergonomics and human factors enables computer users to improve their comfort and performance, while minimizing health and safety risks. Every computer user has a right to work without discomfort, pain, or injury!

By Dave Pfeil
Ergonomic Strategist

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Ergonomics expert Dave Pfeil

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