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Craziest TV Dad

Think your dad was crazy? Not compared to these fathers.

A survey of 100,000 U.S. members of Casino Fortune, the oldest online casino, revealed Homer Simpson as the “Craziest TV Dad”. Sixty-Seven wild TV fathers, nearly all from sitcoms, were nominated, and 20 of those were voted onto the Craziest TV Dad list.

Members cited Homer's regular strangling of son Bart; his forgetfulness of his children's name; and general wackiness as reasons for picking the Simpson dad. Bill Cosby's Cliff Huxtable came in number two due to his wild antics, and crotchety shoe salesman Al Bundy made #3 on the list.

Other crotchety fathers made the list as well, including Archie Bunker, Frank Barone and Martin Krane. Actor Jerry Stiller made the list twice for his portrayals of cantankerous dads: As Frank Constanza on Seinfeld and again as Arthur Spooner on King of Queens.

Besides Homer, three other animated fathers were voted in by the online gamblers: Fred Flintstone, Peter Griffin of Family Guy and Stan Smith of American Dad. The latter two are both voiced by Seth MacFarlane. A fourth animated father, Robert Freeman from the new show Boondocks, barely missed the top 20, placing #23 on the list.

“Everybody has a different idea of what crazy means,” says CEO John Wallis, “so we received a very diverse group of dads.”

“Of course, most of our members told us their dad was crazier than anything they’d seen on TV.” The top 20 dads, as determined by their votes, are listed below.

1. Homer Simpson ­ The Simpsons

2. Cliff Huxtable - The Cosby Show

3. Al Bundy - Married with Children

4. Archie Bunker - All in the Family

5. Ozzy Osbourne - The Osbournes

6. Tony Soprano ­ The Sopranos

7. Frank Barone - Everybody Loves Raymond

8. Tim Taylor - Home Improvement

9. Peter Griffin - Family Guy

10. Bernie Mac - The Bernie Mac Show

11. Frank Costanza - Seinfeld

12. Fred Flintstone ­ The Flintstones

13. Martin Crane - Frasier

14. Arthur Spooner - King of Queens

15. Hal - Malcolm in the Middle

16. Gomez Addams - The Addams Family

17. Dan Conner - Roseanne

18. Stan Smith - American Dad

19. Fred Sanford - Sanford & Son

20. Danny Tanner - Full House

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