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Contra Dance

Looking for a A FUN form of exercise...a safe way to meet other people of diverse backgrounds, occupations, ages, genders, marital statuses, etc. ... a cheap hobby...a sport where everyone wins. Consider Contra Dancing.

No, Contra Dancing has nothing to do with the Sandinistas or Oliver North. And it is NOT country line dancing. Nor is it a sport that requires dozens of expensive costumes or a judged event.

Contra dance has its roots in the music and dancing of the British Isles. It came to the New World with the earliest settlers. That heritage has been handed down to our time from one dancer to another, dancers who are ordinary folks, probably a lot like you.

Contra dancing is similar to square dancing. It is performed by couples facing in two opposite lines. Before each dance the caller explains the figures while walking the dancers through them. Because each dance is taught, no previous experience is necessary.

Contra dancers customarily change partners after each dance and it is not necessary to come with a partner. It is probably the only dance where you may end up dancing with everyone before the evening is over.

Contra dancing is a great way to meet fun, friendly people. It's easy to learn and fun to do. All ages are welcome!

The Cleveland area has numerous locations of dances such as Cleveland Heights, Wooster, Bay Village, Gates Mills, Lakewood and more. See a complete schedule and learn more about contra dancing.

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