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Smokey the Bear is a Senior!
Happy 65th Birthday Smokey

Who doesn't know the line" "Only YOU can prevent forest fires?"

We've all heard it and love the bear that brought us this message. The iconic image of Smokey is associated with fire prevention from the youngest child to their great-great grandma.

Smokey the Bear is officially the mascot of the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

Smokey the Bear

Who would have thought Smokey made his first appearance 65 years ago? Some actually say Smokey is turning 66, but bear years are a little hard to figure.

Happy Birthday Smokey the Bear

Smokey is just as concerned as ever with fire prevention and is asking kids to take the following pledge:


  • To use caution and common sense before lighting any fire.
  • To understand that any fire I or my friends create could become a wildfire.
  • To understand and practice proper guidelines whenever I or my friends create a fire outdoors.
  • To never, ever leave any fire unattended.
  • To make sure any fire that I or my friends create is properly and completely extinguish before moving on.
  • To properly extinguish and discard of smoking materials.
  • To be aware of my surroundings and careful when operating equipment during periods of dry or hot weather.
  • To speak up and step in when I see someone in danger of starting a wildfire

Lake Metroparks held a birthday party for the Conservation-conscious Bear, complete with Fire Trucks, Kirtland fire fighters and a visit from Smokey himself.

Kirtland Fire Department Truck

The kids all loved Smokey and many took pictures with the lovable bear.

Smokey the Bear with little girl

Smokey the Bear with little girl

Everyone enjoyed a piece of Smokey's birthday cake.

Smokey the Bear birthday cake

Happy Birthday Smokey Bear and many more!

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