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Is Winter Finally Over?
Chat with Pat

Can it really be it here to stay? Can I really put away my heavy coats and gloves? Can I trust the weathermen and calendar? What a winter we had!

We've taken down the storm windows and replaced them with screens. We even had a cook out on Memorial Day. I've changed the heavy quilts on the beds for the light ones, and put away the heavy throws. Even brought out some of summer colorful plastic dishes.

I am going through the motions but I am still leery about it. Every day as we drive to the office I'm pleased to see the wide, clear, non-slippery roads.

We came out of hibernation and talked with our neighbors; good friends who live so close to us and yet we never see them other than a wave now and then all winter. The children have grown so much in these past months.

Weekends and evenings the neighborhoods are alive with people working on their lawns, cutting the grass, and planting, cutting the bushes. They are scrubbing down porches and patios. Bringing out lawn furniture, and painting and freshening up their property. Some are even tarring their driveways. I thought you did that in the fall, or are we just procrastinators?

We will not have a garden this year, thanks to Hogan our 10-month-old Lab whose mission in life seems to be "search and destroy."

There are so many new dogs and cats. People whom after a long day at work doing their duty, plastic bag in hand walking the masters of their home. They, the dogs, need the exercise. After all they have been resting all day.

This walk is, however, a good chance for you to get to see the neighborhood. Greet the people who are working on their lawns and making sure you use your pooper-scooper bag.

Your dog gets to know the other dogs that walk around at the same time. Some they like and some they are ready to fight. There are a couple of small dogs that like to annoy the big ones who don't want to bother with them (animals like people have their likes and dislike).

I am still trying to figure out if Hogan is going to be a watchdog. He will bark or lick a visitor to death depending on his mood. (ok another subject). It just seems since he has come into our lives he is the "subject".

The people next door are moving. I will be sorry to see them go but also look forward to making new neighbors. I hope they like us, yes and Hogan. So many homes have huge piles on the treelawn for rubbish day - I hope they are not all moving.

All winter we have seen a lot of rabbits, which we've never had before. I think some are living under our porch. They annoy the dog but are cute and fun to watch. Everyone is commenting on the lack of chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons and skunks. The theory is that they didn't make it through the winter.

Nature has a way of thinning them out. Personally I do not miss them but feel bad if they were starving out there while we sat in our warm homes watching television.

Do you feel guilty if you watch television while it is still light out? Seems like we should apologize to the god of light for wasting it after waiting so long.

Did we really have snow on the ground a month ago? I can't believe I already find myself complaining about a little humidity - but it sure has been uncomfortable lately. You know what they say (over and over and...) "It's not the heat, it's the humidity.

They also say (who are these people?) that the mosquitoes are not biting yet. Tell that to my ankles and arms.

All in all it promises to be a good summer. Let's lap it up because nature in these parts is not fair. Long, long winters and short, short summers. Our lilacs have already bitten the dust.

But I'm ready for it. Just "roll out those lazy crazy days of summer" where are those pretzels and beer?

How's your summer going?

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