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Maury Feren
Keeping Up With Maury
The Fruit Expert's columns

Maury went to work in the Food Terminal at about age sixteen in 1931. Maury and his family were involved in produce all of his long life. (He lived to be 100)

Be sure to read the life story of Maury Feren

Maury Feren

Maury Feren

Maury shared his experise on produce, fruit and life with us in these columns from 2013 - 2016. Many are timeless and we are grateful for what he wrote for us.

It's going to be a busy day

Wonderful summer fruits and vegetables

Wonderful summer fruits and vegetables

Sustainability and Organic Farming

Ohio Tomatoes are the Best

Local Restaurants to Try

Classic Cleveland restaurants in Little Italy and beyond

98th Birthday Dinner

Doesn't anyone cook anymore?

Frozen vs Fresh Foods

The end of the Peach Trail

Delivery Problems at Christmas Time

When Flavor and Taste were King

Maury visits his old ethnic haunts

The changing peach scene

Patterson's Fruit Farm in winter

Fruit in the coldest winters


Pre-packaged Produce

Passover Seder

What's in that Fruit Juice?

Strawberry Time

What to look for at Farmer's Markets

Getting the best Watermelon

Tricks from the Restaurant Trade

Where have all the English peas gone?

Apples Are King

Fall is Leaving, Winter is Coming

How Does It Feel To Be 99?

Gallucci's - the hidden Italian ethnic market

The Asian Festival

A Hospital Visit

Supermarket Fruits

The US Army Plaque

Just Thinking Out Loud

The Produce Market World As It Once Was

My Hospital Experience

Sequel to My Hospital Experience


Thinking Out Loud about Food

Passover and Greek Orthodox Easter


Maury's Witches Experience

Weekly Produce Report

My Watermelon Love Story

An Artist At Work

Organic Or Conventional

Some Unusual Experiences

Euclid Beach Memories

Amish Produce Stands

Remembering The Perfect Peach

Sid Blumenthal

Kicking it with Maury

The Champagne Bliss

Blue Jean Farms

The Salad Dilemma

The Fly Over

A 100 Years of Difference

Random Thoughts About Life

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Maury Feren

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