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Q. Can I ask to see the radar gun that "caught me" going faster than I thought I was? Would it still show on the gun? Does the police officer have to show it to me?

A. The last I knew, you can request to see your speed on any speed detection device. It should be locked on the instrument.

Q. I pulled over to sleep on the side of the road because I realized I had had too much to drink and shouldn't be driving. Darn if I didn't get cited anyway. What's up with that?

A. You were in physical control of a motor vehicle. You should have gone to the passenger side. Some cops might let you slide on this but don't count on it.

Q. I have seen signs that say "Handicap Parking $500 fine" and others that say "$35 fine." Who sets these rates? I though this was a state law.

And before you give one of your famous answers, No - I would never park in a handicap spot - I am just curious.

A. Always try to find the lower rate. If you would never park in a handicap space, why worry?

Since you seem to be begging for one of my "famous answers", here goes: What bothers me is handicap spaces in front of my favorite pub. I'm ok going in but definitely handicapped coming out.

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Mike Doley
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