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School Hours, Accident Response

Q. I am confused about the signs that say things like "No turn on red during school hours" or "On school days". What are considered school hours?

Are school days Monday through Friday - but not in the summer? What of I happen to personally know that a certain school is off for some reason? Is it okay then? Thank you.

A. School hours are whatever normal school hours are for the school system you are driving by.

School days are Monday thru Friday...Remember when you were in school?

If you personally know a school is not in session, and you can convince the officer... Good Luck.

Q.I was recently in an accident on a very busy freeway. I called the police who told me to drive to the police station. What about not leaving the scene?

What about the proof that I was not in the wrong? Of course I did what they said, but I was not and AM not happy about it.

Aren't the police supposed to respond to the site?

A. Respond to a freeway accident with no injuries, and get hit by a truck?

If you are involved in a MINOR accident on an interstate and the vehicles can be moved, move off of the traveled portion of the road and exchange info with the other driver.

Call the local police department. If they respond, then that may or may not be a plus, depending on whether you were at fault or not.

Accident reconstruction is not rocket science. If you drive to the police station to make the report and tell an officer that the guy in front of you backed into to you at 65 mph there will be evidence of that. If you have damage to the right rear, then chances are you are fibbing.

Police officers are required to respond to an injury accident. If there are no injuries, get off the road.

There are crazy drivers out there that won't understand why you are wandering around on the road.

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Mike Doley
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