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Ask a Cop
Are these really Police Officers?

Q. Can someone, say a CWRU cop or a Wal-Mart security cop make a traffic stop outside of CWRU or Wal-Mart parking lot?

A. Wal-Mart security has no police powers. Although private police, contracted by the property owner may stop you on the property to prevent you from doing something stupid.

University Circle Police are state certified police officers. You can explain what the jurisdiction is or is not on the way to the station.

CWRU security is just that.

Q. More and more often I see flaggers in construction sites and frankly, they do not do very well. One side will go on for what seems like hours and then the other side gets a few seconds.

Do I HAVE to listen to them? Do they have any real authority?

A. What do you expect for $6.50 an hour? They have no legal authority, unless they are uniformed police officers.

However, they know more about the construction site than you do...go ahead, don't follow their direction. The guy on the bulldozer will win whatever accident you may have.

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Mike Doley
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