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Questions about the Law

Q. Does the city have any jurisdiction in a private parking lot? Like, if there was an accident in a parking lot, not on a street, isn't that a private matter and therefore no one could get a ticket?

A. Private property accidents are normally handled by the participants. Your insurance company may require a police report.

Most police departments will not respond to a private property accident unless someone is injured. If that is the case, whoever is responsible for the accident may be cited for reckless operation on private property.

If you are practicing spinning doughnuts in a parking lot, chances are you are going to get a ticket. Property owners, such as shopping malls may give permission to the local department to enforce traffic laws.

Q. What happens if I refuse to sign a ticket?

A. You could be shot. No, signing a ticket is not an admission of guilt. It is just acknowledging that you were given the ticket.

Don't be such a #4@&($ - the cop is just doing his job. He does not want to bother you anymore than he wants you bothering him.

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Mike Doley
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