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Questions about the Law

Q. How do I know if a city bans cell phones while driving? Is it posted? Can you really get a ticket even if you don't know about it?

A. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking a law. Using a cell phone while driving, unless in an emergency is ignorant. I only know of one city where it is banned and I'm not going to tell you which one.

Just park your car and make the call. I really have a peeve about cell phones anyway. What ever happened to letter writing?

Q. Is hitchhiking illegal or just ill-advised. Thank you. I'm hoping you say illegal so I can show the answer to my children.

A. Hitch hiking is illegal, and in these times...stupid. Tell your kids to quit being so lazy and walk.

Q. Do you have to have a plate in the back and the front of your car?

A. The state of Ohio issues two plates. Your car has two places to put license plates. Do I really have to go any farther on this?

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Mike Doley
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