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More Traffic Rule Questions

Q. What is the correct rule for driving a bike on a road? I wish they would specify the answer in our newspapers. Children are riding their bikes all over the road and do not care about the cars driving also.

A. Bicycle riders must ride with traffic. They must obey traffic control devices. Common sense is the rule here also. Ride like a dummy in traffic and end up a hood ornament.

Q. When an emergency vehicle goes by I know to pull over and get out of the way. But it seems like a lot of people just don't do it.

Does the "passenger" in the emergency vehicle (not the driver) ever write down license plate numbers and can they get a ticket later on?

A. There are times when the passenger in an emergency vehicle is not just along for the ride and is too busy to write down license plate numbers.

It has been done however and yes you will get a ticket. Until some of these idiots have a personal interest in who is in that emergency vehicle they just won't get it.

Q. Is it the law that I let a funeral procession go by without cutting into it - or just a nice thing to do?

A. Show some respect…you don't need to get anywhere that fast do you?

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Mike Doley
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