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Traffic Rule Questions

Q. Do landscape trucks have the right to park on the street where it says no parking? Why aren't they ticketed?

A. This is usually a judgment call by an officer. As long as traffic is not obstructed they will usually let it pass. If a complaint is made the usual routine would be to drive by and tell them to move it.

Q. Is it true that a yellow speed limit sign is only a suggestion - you don't really have to follow it?

A. Yellow speed limit signs are a suggestion. You're a dummy if you don't follow it because it is there for a reason.

Q. Are you supposed to slow to 20 as soon as you see a School Zone sign or when you get to it?

A. Slow down when you see it because as soon as you get to it you will see a white line across the road. If school is in session and you are in the marked school zone…..what more can I say?

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Mike Doley
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