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Drinking & Driving Questions

Q. I don't really drink - maybe a beer now and then. I've tried to walk the straight line and recite the alphabet backwards when I am completely sober - no alcohol at all - and I can't do it well.

How heavily are those tests relied on? Even though I only drink a little, I go out with my friends a lot and I'm always scared of being stopped, because of those tests. Thank you for your time.

A. I couldn't do it either. The field sobriety tests are just another way of proving that you are physically incapable of operating your car.

In this day and age of video cameras in most police cars if you really blow the test and are funny enough, you could end up on TV.

Q. Do you suggest a person take the breathalyzer test or is it better to refuse it?

A. The State of Ohio takes a dim view of someone not taking a breath test. Whether you are found guilty or not of the offense, the State will suspend your license.

When you sign your license, you give "implied consent" to take any test for alcohol content. I realize this is contrary to your 5th amendment right against self incrimination, however, until that changes that's the way it is.

Arguments go both ways on taking or not taking the test. Either way, the experience will not be pleasant and it will cost you a lot of money.

NOTE: Of course you should never drink and drive. Contact MADD for more information.

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Mike Doley
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