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Q. What exactly is the law about seat belts?

Does every person in the car need to be wearing one, and if they're not, who gets the ticket the driver or the passenger? Thank you for your time.

A. The driver always gets the ticket. Drivers are in charge of the vehicle.

I assume you only have friends in your car. Nah, they don't have to wear seat belts. And when you roll the car and everyone gets ejected into the trees...sheesh!

Q. My son drives barefoot. He is actually a good driver - and very cautious but I don't think this is legal. Is it?

He says he has more control barefoot than in slippery soled shoes. Thanks.

A. There is no law I can think of regarding barefoot driving - it just strikes me as dumb. Tell him to quit wearing pants so his tiny little butt doesn't slide on the seat

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Mike Doley
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