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Q. Why don't you have your rights read before you sign a ticket? Don't they have to do that?

A. The only time your rights must be read to you is when you are "in custody" and being questioned about a FELONY. A traffic ticket is merely a summons to court. You also have a right not to get a ticket. Don't drive dumb.

Q. I know that yellow means caution so isn't it more dangerous to stop for a yellow light then try to go through it?

A. Ok. Caution...lay on the horn...Close your eyes, and hope for the best. Traffic lights are timed. The caution signal is normally a few seconds before the red.

If you are not too close to the intersection to safely stop without burning out your brakes, stop...if not...refer to first sentence.

Q. I was talking to a police officer in, of all places, a bar the other night and she warned me of something I had never heard of. She said to be careful because I could get a ticket for "Permitting a DUI".

What is this? How would I become liable?

A. You were trying to get her to go home with you, you sly devil. What bar was that by the way?

Bars are forbidden to serve an obviously intoxicated person. I have no idea what she was talking about.

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Mike Doley
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