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Traffic Ticket Questions

Q. I got a ticket because I hit (tapped) someone from behind - but it really wasn't my fault.

I wanted to contest it, but all my friends say if you hit someone from behind it's ALWAYS your fault. I can't believe that. What do you say?

A. Unless the guy you hit was backing up, it was your fault. You must have an assured clear distance in front of you to be able to stop. Tapping is still an accident.

Q. Is there any point in fighting a speeding ticket when there's radar? I think it can be wrong, but would the court ever believe it was wrong?

A. Unless you are an expert in Doppler effect radars, and can prove that the officer is not trained in the use of that radar, forget it. Just go quietly to court and pay your ticket.

Q. If I do something like speed in one city, let's say Wickliffe, can a policeman in another city, let's say Willoughby, ticket me just because the first one told him to?

A. If a police officer from Willoughby sees you speeding in Wickliffe, he will notify Wickliffe PD. If you are really being stupid, the Willoughby Officer will stop you, the Wickliffe officer will write you a citation and the Willoughby officer will sign it as the complainant.

Hint...don't speed in either city.

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Mike Doley
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