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Valentine's Day
Solo in a Couple's World

All of us know someone (or are that someone) who is about to face Valentines Day alone, friends and loved ones who are struggling to find their own way without a partner.

Share this advice with others or plan your own special Valentines Day with these tips. And don’t forget to practice your own random acts of kindness!

Chicago author, Cheryl Perlitz; (Soaring Through Setbacks: Rise Above Adversity... Reclaim Your Life) offers these creative and inspiring tips that helped her get through 5 Valentines Days after the loss of her beloved 1st husband and before she met her wonderful 2nd.

Start your day in a special way

*Add vanilla and cinnamon to your coffee grounds before brewing and set the timer so the aroma wakes you up in a wonderful mood.

*Dress in red silk lingerie/boxers under anything you decide to wear. Don’t forget a red hat.

*Go out for breakfast with a friend….have someone wait on you for a change.

*Bring a small gift to someone at work. Leave it on their desk but don’t sign it… and watch that person try to figure out where it came from.

Your lunch break

*For lunch, take a brisk walk outside or around your building, say hello and happy Valentines Day to everyone you see. Eat a salad and drink a tall bottle of water.

*Starting after lunch, eat one piece of chocolate (liquor filled if you can get away with it) when the clock strikes on the hour, every hour till 5 PM.

*At 4 PM stand by your desk and do some stretches or jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. Listen to your favorite CD (with headphones or low volume) between 4 and 5 PM, to put yourself in a great mood for the end of your work day.

Evening/After work

*Buy yourself arm loads of flowers on the way home and decorate your home/apartment with them… in every room. They will be there to make you happy when you return home.

*Meet another single friend for happy hour. Go to a brand new bar/restaurant that you have never been to before.

*Join up with more singles for dinner, dancing or karaoke.

*End your evening in a luxuriously scented bath, slather oil all over your skin, pin your hair up and sleep in a vintage slip.

Commit to at least one act
of Random Kindness:

*Send someone else flowers or candy anonymously; either a crush or someone you know who is also alone on Valentines Day.

*Buy a dozen roses and hand them out one at a time to various NEW people you meet through the day.

*Invite another single to Happy Hour…you pick up the tab!

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