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Joke of the Week
The Young Government Rep

An arrogant young Department of Agriculture representative stopped at a farm and talked with an old farmer.

He told the farmer that he needed to inspect his farm.

The old farmer said "ok" but don't go in that field right over yonder.

The agriculture representative said, "Look, Mister. I have the authority of the U.S. Government with me. See this card? This card means I can go anywhere I want, it allows me to go wherever I want with no questions asked or answered. Do you understand that mister?

The farmer nodded politely and went about his farm chores.

A little later, he heard loud screams and saw the Department of Agriculture rep running for the fence and close behind him was the farmer's huge horned prize bull.

The bull was madder than a nest full of hornets and was gaining on the man with every step.

The old farmer called out ..."Show him your card sonny!...show him your card!!!."

Charging Bull

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