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Joke of the Week
Three Women

Three women of a certain age lived together in a big house. One day, as they were all sitting in the living room, the first woman said, "Well, I think I'll go upstairs and take a bath."

She got to the bathroom, ran a tub of water, took off her clothes and said, "Oh, goodness. Was I just getting in the tub or am I just getting out?" Unable to decide, she just sat there, trying to puzzle it out.

Downstairs, the second woman said, "I'm worried about the length of time she's taking. I'd better just go upstairs and see if she's okay." She started up the stairs but got a little out of breath so paused to rest.

After she had rested a bit, she looked around and said, "Oh dear, was I going up the stairs or going down?"

In the living room, the third woman shook her head and said, "I'm sure glad I'm not getting as senile as those two--knock on wood!" and she rapped on the arm of her wooden rocking chair.

"Oh!" she said, "Is that somebody at the front door or the back door?"

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