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10 Easy Tips for Taking
Great Pet Pictures
Simple Steps to Ensure Fabulous Photos This Holiday Season

Taking pictures of your pet doesnít have to be stressful! Miamiís Pet Star, experts in pet photography and producers of hundreds of fun and unique pet greeting cards, offers these 10 simple steps to ensure you great pictures of Fido and Fluffy every time!

1. Bring the camera in close - The closer you can get, the more the petís personality will shine through in the photograph. Emphasize the animal, not the background.

2. Keep the camera at the animals eye level - Pictures taken at high or low angles donít flatter pets and can make them look distorted. Get down on their level for the best shots.

3. Donít photograph a dark pet against a light background - Dark pets can be especially difficult to photograph. Using a darker background good lighting will help bring out their features.

4. Choose outfits and props that suit the pet - Make sure your pet is comfortable wearing clothes or hats or before you spend a fortune! Try different styles to see what flatters them most. People in pictures should think about the color of the petís fur, feathers or skin before choosing an outfit. Stay away from stripes and busy patterns; you want the faces to stand out, not the clothes.

5. Donít overwork the animal - Consider the age and health of your pet before you start. Animals have attention spans too. Your pet will let you know when they have had enough for one day. Pay attention to what your pet is telling you and know when to quit.

6. Donít overheat the animal - If you are indoors, lower the A/C before you start. Animals can get hot very quickly. Donít use costumes that will overheat them and donít leave them in a costume for a long time.

7. Use tricks to get attention ≠ Pets often need tricks and toys to grab their attention, encourage a certain behavior or to get them to look in a particular direction. Use these sparingly though. Pets get used to them quickly so have several on hand.

8. Have a helper - At Pet Star, we use an animal handler and a photographer. Ask a friend or family member to help position your pet and keep their attention while you snap pictures.

9. Donít sedate the animal ≠ You want your animals to show expression so we donít advocate the use of drugs or anything else to sedate nervous pets. Praise, positive attention and a few treats will go a long way!

10. Have patience and remain calm - Faster doesnít mean better. Be ready to work at your petís pace and remember pets can sense anxiety! If you get aggravated, the pet know and respond to accordingly. If youíre calm and relaxed, your pet will be too.

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