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Keeping your pet safe
during the holidays

Written by Marylou of the Newf Club of Seattle for her fellow Newfoundland owners but good advice for all pet owners.

As the holidays approach, it is a good time to review some safety precautions for our big furballs.

Make sure your tree is well anchored- fishline to eyebolts in 2 walls, or attach to the ceiling, or gate around the tree.

Avoid tree preservatives in the water of a live tree if there is any chance your dog can get to the water.

Tie ornaments to the tree with bows, not ornament hooks, and avoid breakable ornaments within tail height.

Watch out for chocolate- left in candy dishes, etc

At parties keep newfs out from under foot except for a "meet and greet"- the door will be open way more than usual, and food and drinks will be left within dog reach.

Put the National Animal Poison Control Hotline number on your fridge right now. Remember it costs about $20 and you need to have a credit card #.

Make sure your medicine cabinet has Epicac, Activated Charcoal, Hydrogen Peroxide and first aid supplies.

And especially for our feline friends: Watch out for curling ribbon- cats will chew and ingest it and it can cause an intestinal obstruction (this from the voice of actual experience).

A few precautions can prevent something that would truly put a damper on your holidays.

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