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Grandparent's Day Contest

Young or not-so-young, we all have memories of those exceptional people - our grandparents. Here are some of your entries from the GrandParents Day contest.

Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for the prize winners.

My grandmother is knitting me a hat and scarf in our school colors. She is the best. She takes me shopping and then to McDonalds.


I remember when I was a young girl helping my grandmother in the kitchen at holiday time decorating cookies, and sticking cloves in the ham - whenever I smell cloves I think of her.


We lived with my Grandma who worked at the old City Hospital (now Metro) in the sewing department. She walked to and from her job.

One of my fondest memories of her took place in the winter. While waiting at the back door for her arrival, my sisters, brother and I drew pictures in the steam (created by dad's cooking) on the storm door.

Grandma would come in with rosy cheeks, cold hands and an appetite. She'd sit down to dinner (then always called supper), bend over her plate and steam up her round glasses.

We laughed and laughed until her specs cleared and then enjoyed her stories.

My grandma has been gone for many years, but I "see" her often in my mind's eye.

I can "feel" her skin, "smell" her scent and feel the love she gave to her grandchildren. My Grandma was the best!


My Grandfather used to fix all my broken toys and not complain. I'd pack them up and when we went to see them he was never in a hurry but would do them all before we went home.


I am a senior myself now but I remember the smells of my grandmothers house to this day, baked bread, soups, and always an oatmeal cookie for me


I can honestly say that my Grandparents are truly the best ever. They are what holds our family together.

When my cousins and I were younger we always enjoyed baking with Grandma especially around the holidays, that's one time you can sit and have fun making a mess in Grandma's kitchen.

One of my favorite memories with my Grandma was when she made waffles with her waffle iron for breakfast and burnt them so bad, but I ate them and funny as it sounds I enjoyed them, that story always brings a smile to my Grandma's face which I truly love to see.

A lot of people think I really resemble my Grandmother to and that makes me feel good because she is beautiful.

Grandpa most of the time always seems to be sitting right by the front door of there house and no matter what I give him a hug and kiss as soon as I walk in before I do anything else.

Even when I see him out I make sure I give him hugs and kisses because I know he likes them.

I love when Easter comes around because my Grandpa loves black jellybeans and I hate them so I always take the black ones out and give them to him Easter morning and since smile on his face makes me so happy.

Both of my Grandparents are great and I know a lot of people including myself have been grateful have the luck of knowing them.

Without them in my life I don't know what I would do! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for everything your the best, don't ever change!


I remember my grandmother rocking me and humming a lullaby and even though I was six years old I fit on her lap and felt more safe there than anywhere.


I remember my grandmother reading to me. She was never too busy. My grandparents lived with us and when my parents were busy they always had time for me


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