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Match the Dad

Match the reputed "Father"
with his claim to fame:

Father of Electricity Leonardo Davinci
Father of Philosophy John Dalton
Father of Industrial Revolution Benjamin Franklin
Father of Music Paul Cezanne
Father of Science Hippocrates
Father of Mathematics Alan Turing
Father of Aviation Alexander Graham Bell
Father of Automobile Descartes
Father of Comedy Samuel Slater
Father of Modern Art Euclid
Father of Medicine Bach
Father of the Printing Press Herodutus
Father of the Telephone Henry Ford
Father of History Guttenberg
Father of the Computer Aristophanes

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Father of Electricity - Benjamin Franklin
Father of Philosphy - Descartes
Father of American Industrial Revolution - Samuel Slater
Father of Music - Bach
Father of Science - John Dalton
Father of Mathematics - Euclid
Father of Aviation - Leonardo DaVinci
Father of the Automobile - Henry Ford
Father of Comedy - Aristophanes
Father of Modern Art - Paul Cezanne
Father of Medicine - Hippocrates
Father of Printing Press - Guttenberg
Father of Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell
Father of History - Herodotus
Father of the Computer - Alan Turing

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