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What To Do If Your Child or Grandchild Becomes Missing

1. Report a missing child immediately. You do not need to wait any period of time to report a missing child. If you suspect your child is overdue, call the police at once, and file a missing person report.

2. Have the local police register the information about your child with the National Crime Information Center and the FBI. Follow up with these organizations to make sure the information given is correct.

3. Call your circle of friends and your Safe Neighborhood Club. Tell them what has happened and ask them to form a phone chain and contact others who may know something about your child whereabouts.

4. Check in often with the authorities, and make sure they follow up on any and all leads.

5. Have your local papers print a public service announcement. Publicize as much as you can, as fast as you can.

6. You may be approached by a private investigator. Proceed with caution. Check them out with local authorities before enlisting any private investigator. They may be counting on your emotional instability to get into your wallet.

7. Remain positive and calm. Stay on top of the situation. If you have only one phone, try to leave the line open for police calls. Use a neighbor's phone or use a cell. Remember the odds of locating your child quickly are higher the faster the word gets out.

Founded and created by Treg Stark, Professor Safety is based in Delaware County, Ohio. The privately held company has been providing educationally based safety programs for children for over fourteen years.

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