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Sherry CarrollConvenience is the number one thing that endears Sherry Carroll to Euclid. "Everything you need is so close to home. And of course, I love being by the lake."

Nancy GallagherNancy Gallagher enjoys the camaraderie of the good friends and neighbors she has acquired through her many years as a Euclid resident.

Jim PizmontJim Pizmoht frequents many of the Euclid stores and establishments. He does his shopping at Dave's and his socializing at the Irish American Club or Tradewinds Lounge. He finds the people of Euclid to be friendly and "everybody just seems to be nice in Euclid!"

Marge Candow & Jack MurphyNot only is Euclid home to Marge Candow, but it is also her employer. Marge is a guard at the Euclid Jail. You may think that this would sour her a bit on the residents of Euclid, but it hasn't. "I love this City. It's a good city to work for and a good city to live in. The people have a good attitude. The ones I'm guarding - well sure, that's different. But they're going to have a bad attitude no matter where they are. It's always exciting!"

Jack MurphyJack Murphy is the owner of Tradewinds Lounge on East 200th Street and points out that he actually won't be a senior until September 28th when he will turn 50. His clientele changes by the time of day, with the older group coming in a little in earlier. Jack is very happy with his "regulars" and drop-ins as well. "We don't have problems here, because in general, the people of Euclid are hard working people with families and responsibilities and they come in to have fun and relax a little."

Rose KerverRose Kerver has lived in Euclid most of her life and recently was forced to use the Euclid transportation service after having knee surgery. "The people in Euclid are so nice to deal with and everything is so close to home. I just love living in Euclid and hope to live here the rest of my life.

Dick ScottDick Scott feels the same way. Both Rose and Dick started out in St. Aloysius Parrish but moved to Euclid many years ago. Dick raised his children in Euclid and although the went to parochial schools he is proud of having always supported the Euclid Schools issues, because, he says "Educating the children is the most important thing a city can do. And Euclid does it well."

When he decided to move from his home on 250th it never entered Dick's mind to move out of Euclid. He stayed in the city and just moved a little closer to the lake. A Navy-man, Dick has always loved the water and living in Euclid allows him to stay close.

Euclid residents will always point out that they live SOB (South of the Blvd) or NOB (North of the Blvd.) and they will make a strong case supporting either location

Mary Terese HurleyMary Terese Hurley is also a long time resident of Euclid having raised all of her 11 children there. She too enjoys the proximity to all of the stores. Holy Cross Catholic Church is right on her corner, and that, too, is special for Mary Terese.

"Nobody could ask for a better City to live in and raise a family. The conveniences and everything are just the very best. When they say it is the City of Superior Services, it is really the truth. From Fire Department, Police Departments right to the rubbish collection, you couldn't ask for more!"

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