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Euclid's Golf Course
Briardale Greens Golf Course

Bill Carney"The best thing to ever happen to the City of Euclid" says past Euclid Building Commissioner, Bill Carney.

Having lived in Euclid for the past forty or so years and having worked as Building Commissioner from 1979 until his retirement in 1997, Bill knows a lot about the City and what has makes it work so well. Briardale Golf Course is one of those things.

World War II housing was originally on this property. Town houses and single-family homes were proposed in the early seventies as the old housing was being torn down. But with great foresight the city instead built Briardale Greens and it has been a successful undertaking ever since.

It is a great spot for seniors who take advantage of reduced rates and season-long passes!

Meet Golf Pro Tom Sloat from Briardale Greens Golf Course and read some of the advice he has given other Cleveland area seniors (and others).

You can even submit your own golf questions to Tom.

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