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Boss Day

Regardless of the day of the week Boss Day is always October 16. That is because of the origin of the day. It was started in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski a secretary in Illinois.

Hmm. A secretary starting a national day to honor their boss. It's much easier to understand when you realize that Patricia worked for her father and his birthday was, you guessed it, October 16.

Times have changed greatly since 1958. For example in 2002 women held 50% of the managerial and professional positions in the workplace compared to 40% in 1983. The role of the manager or boss has also changed. Now in many cases, the role is more of a coach or organizer rather than a stern disciplinarian passing out tasks and duties.

Most observances of boss's day involve lunch or a card. If you are a boss hopefully your employees will remember you on this day with a little token of their appreciation. If you are an employee it may be a good time to score some points and at the same time make somebody feel good about themselves.

Although they fall on the same day this year, it is probably not wise to mix Sweetest Day and Boss Day.

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