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Independence Day
The 4th of July

Gene Simmons of KISS knows how to thank the troops

Salute - wearing a special cap to the parade
Amy say it IS a special occasion

Fourth of July Fun
Without Dangerous Backyard Fireworks

What document was voted the #1 US Milestone?
The Declaration of Independence (see the Top 100)

Even sparklers are dangerous
Be safe this Holiday

4th of July Recipes
Patriotic Themes, Flag Cookies and more

Fireworks - Facts and Safety
Have a Safe Holiday

The Women behind the Fireworks
The Zambelli Women run the show

Uncle Sam
Just who is Uncle Sam?

Yankee Doodle
He called a feather in his cap Macaroni?

Yankee Doodle Dandy
The George M. Cohan song

4th of July smilie with flag

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