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Super Bowl Stadium Facts

The History of the Super Bowl goes back over 40 years and into 5 different decades. Fans are also interested in the stadiums that hosted the Super Bowls. The stadiums seem to have a special meaning to many. Here is a little history and facts about the Super Bowl stadiums.

With Super Bowl XL, or 40 for those who are Roman numeral challenged, played in Detroit last year, that was the first time the game was played at Ford Field, which was built in downtown Detroit. Ford field took 32 months to complete at a cost of $500,000 and was completed in 2002. Super Bowl XL helped get some of those costs back to both the public and private investors.

That was the second time the Super Bowl was played in Michigan as Super Bowl 16, umm that is XVI, was played in The Pontiac Silverdome on Jan 24, 1982. That was the game that Joe Montana led the San Francisco 49ers to a game winning touchdown in the final seconds to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 26 to 21.

In the 41 year history of the Super Bowl, only 8 states have hosted the Super Bowl with the two sunshine states Florida ( 13 ) and California ( 11 ) leading the way.

Louisiana has hosted the Super Bowl 9 times. After that Georgia, Texas and Michigan have had two Super Bowls each and Arizona and Minnesota have each hosted 1.

So to host a Super Bowl you need to either have great weather or have the game played inside a dome. Stadium Expert Tim Phelan says it would be nice to have a Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium where the weather may not be so nice.

"I have seen some great games played in pouring rain, snowstorms and fog so bad you couldn't see across the field. I certainly understand why the NFL would want their showcase game every year to be in good weather. Money. But wouldn't it be interesting to have it outside in the snow one year. Haha. That certainly would make the game harder for the oddsmakers wouldn't it?"

Here are some other stats about stadiums that hosted the Super Bowl:

  • The city that has hosted the most Super Bowls is New Orleans with nine.
  • Miami Florida has hosted the second most Super Bowls with nine.
  • The stadium that hosted the most Super Bowls ( six ) is also in New Orleans, the SuperDome.
  • Two stadiums have hosted five Super Bowls, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena Cal. and the Orange Bowl in Miami Florida.
  • The largest attendance for a Super Bowl was in The Rose Bowl on Jan 20, 1980. 103,985 fans came to see the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the LA Rams 31 to 19.
  • The top four attendances were also in the Rose Bowl with each having over 100,000 fans
  • 11 Games have been played in a Dome and 29 have been played outdoors.
  • The stadium voted by the NFL Players Association for having the best playing field is Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida.

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