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A Senior Moment
by Jo Ann Vitanza

Here's a little riddle. What gets better looking as we get older? How about the neighborhood we grew up in?!!!!

We can all go back any time of day or month or year. Whenever we see a child ride a bike or a young couple fall in love or even at the passing of someone dear. That place is our childhood, our neighborhood, the place that brought all the comforts and security that were needed to mature and grow. A place where we belonged and where we were known by mostly the whole street.

I can close my eyes and go back to my old neighborhood. It was a simple time. Collecting your families pop bottles or milk jugs made you feel like a budding entrepreneur. There was a church on every other block, a neighborhood grocery store, the library and, of course, our school. For the most of us we didn't know a thing about the "real' world, we didn't need to. Mom and Dad did that.

Most of us are mom and dad now, even grandma or grandpa. That's what brings us to compare the "old days" and the "old neighborhood". Watch it??didn't our parents do this to us? Is this something that is a natural progression?!! I find it rather comforting to think that I really did have everything I needed.

Don't get me wrong. I lived in a blue-collar part of town. I had two parents who loved their children, grandparents several blocks down who spoiled us, a best friend next door, and a whole street of kids to explore the neighborhood. The world could wait, I was enjoying every day of my youth.

Now when the day to day grind starts getting me down all I have to do is look at one of my grandchildren or bring out pictures of my own children growing up to trigger a "Senior Moment". Then it is there. Sy and Annie on the front porch, Steve and Jean Lockar at the grocery store, Sister Mary Albina staring at my test results, Roseann calling for me after dinner.

The people and places are there. Stored nice and neat in a treasured part of my heart and mind. I go there anytime I want. I can always find comfort, happiness and much love and laughter. When things are getting you down, go there. Take out some pictures, make a phone call, visit often in the comfort of your chair.

Nice talking to you. I'll be back to discuss more Senior Moments.
Jo Ann

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