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A 100 Years of Difference
by Maury Feren

Every once in a while something turns up that is so fascinating that I have to say to myself in a 100 years I never seen anything like it. That is what happened this past Saturday to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of Arnie Miller grandson. I never saw anything like it so I must tell you about it.

I want you to picture this. The entire lower basement area of Park Synagogue was set up to act as an Israeli market. This was a real market set up. There were buildings to buy food, only in this case the food was offered free. All kinds of stands with duplications of Israeli food. Gifts of all kinds too. Scarves, some button jewelry which was all freely available.

People walked around with all kinds of food that was offered by all kinds of different venders. No money was involved. The food was fresh and inviting. There was a festive note in the air. All happy people. This was so exceptional; everyone knew how exciting this was.

The amazing thing is that you already felt that you were in an actual Israeli market. How could you create such an ambiance? I can't imagine the ingenuity it took.

There were tables set up so you can share your stories and talk about the food all over the area. The food and the dramatic offerings were so usual that you had to stop in your tracks to see what was going on.

There were flowers from South Africa, Protea, and other beauties. People picked up a handfull of all these different flowers taking them home with them. You could see how beautiful they were. Proteas are a major export of flowers from South Africa. They have a wonderful selection of all the flowers that they grow there. The cost is very low.

Everyone loves flowers particularly these South African varieties. And just think of this they were offering a selection of flowers that were absolutely beautiful. There were colorful red patterns, colorful blues as well. You could choose whatever your preference. These were not just ordinary flowers but the selection was usually beautiful.

Now the question is "Is there anything new under the Sun?" Not true. This is a misnomer. There is a truism. I never saw a Bar Mitzvah in an Israeli market. I forgot to mention that there were singing and dancing by a professional group. I never picked up the name but there were dozens of people surrounding the singers and dancers as they performed.

It just goes to show you. There are new things under the sun only they come in different projections. I have never seen an Israeli market so well duplicated and I have to admit that it is something that I will long remember because it was so exceptional and exciting.

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