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The Fly Over
by Maury Feren

I had not thought much about post-birthday celebrations after my festive doings on September 5th at Park Synagogue. It was so awesome I did not believe that anything could come equally close to that wonderful event.

It doesn't take much to satisfy me but in this case it was overwhelming I was almost ashamed to write about it. There were 500 people who filled the Synagogue and to honor me on my 100th birthday. 340 participants enjoyed the terrific luncheon that the Men's Club of the synagogue had ordered. The cost was minimal so they had little trouble filling in the space.

Synagogue events are simple. They balance a part of the service. So there is no back log of time. It all fills in the allowed time frame. Everyone seemed to be having a good time so you can't beat that. A funny thing happened. We have a previous story about Dave Mates. He is the instigator of all that is coming next. He set it up. I will take no credit for anything that happens from now on.

You may remember that Dave Mates is the guy who lives in Chesterland, Ohio. He makes solider frames that he passes out to any solider that served in any war. It is a big project. He does it free and I don't know how much he spends on making these plaques and passing them out. He gave me and Beverly at least 10 or more which we dedicated to their proper distinction. There are Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard plaques. I have seen him give out a dozen or more never asking for a dime to help the cause.

Out of the blue David called me and told me there would be a fly over on my real birthday September 27th at Chesterland. He advised me to gather all my people and friends that could come. What a fly over it would be. I said "How are you going to do that?"

He replied that on the 27th of September two P51 mustang fighter planes will fly over Chesterland doing four dips and underpass turns. I could not believe it. You'll see he said. This is an honor of your past historical experiences.

I don't know the details, How it all happened. I know it took place. I do know my family was there. My great grandchildren 8 and 12 were there as well as other parts of my family. There were chairs set up, offerings of water, pop and other refreshments. It was a beautiful day. Blue skies, no clouds and all you can see is the contrast of these beautiful P51 mustang planes in the air doing their thing.

And here is how it went. These planes flew over that area like birds in the sky. At first they looked far away and then they made their first dip. The second time around, they came in a little closer to land. What a sight to see. Then came the third time around, and this one was almost touching us.

The fourth one was the knock out. These planes flew right over us. Everyone taking photos because they were so close. I have a half a dozen photos of these planes turning, twisting and doing tricks that you only see at the air show. Again, what a sight.

Maury Feren fly over

My grandchildren jumping high in the air, taking pictures simultaneously as these two planes flew over with all their paraphernalia and their American flags. It is a treasured sight. The photos are irreplaceable. I'm so happy to have them. George W. brought me copies.

Believe this or not. Those pilots were so considered when they finished their fly over they called me personally to see if I enjoyed their tactics. Enjoyed I said. I went half crazy. Here I have witnessed the best show in town and my grandchildren and great grandchildren were here to see all of this well I am still alive.

I don't know if you want to call this a coincidence but it may be something to it. During the war after two months of fighting I developed Battle Fatigue. That's what they called it then. Following army procedures I asked the captain to take a couple of days off and still be able to come back to my company without going to the hospital. He agreed.

So I finished off that tour just lying in the beautiful sunshine in France resting well I enjoyed seeing the flashes of the P51 mustangs going into battle. Talk about Karma. This hits it at its highest level. I returned to my company after 2 days of rest.

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