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Blue Jean Farms
by Maury Feren

A dear friend George W. had spoken to me often about his daughters produce stand and farm in Warren, Ohio. About a week or so ago I met Betsy in an intimate setting where I learned more about it.

As you well know fresh produce has been a major love in my life. I also have spent a great deal of time with flowers, both annuals and perennial, in my life experience. It didn't take much persuasion to get me to visit this farm.

Although it was more than an hour away and required a lot of manipulation physically on my part to get there. I managed to do it. What a terrific trip it turned out to be. Well worth every bit of my energy that I extended.

The road trip was wonderful. A good comfortable Buick of the early 20's in great shape. The weather was perfect in the 70's September 11th. We left Cleveland at 8:30am. There was hardly any traffic getting to the freeway route 422. From there on it was easy sailing. Just like going for a ride we used to take years ago. Very little traffic and lots of scenery. Everything was still green with light shades of yellow to remind us of what is coming.

Betsy has a big sign and that should tell us all about Blue Jean Farms and greenhouses. It will give you an indication of what you are going to see. It's not Jungle Gym but it will remind you of that stand in Cincinnati. It's not a regular farm market either but it has all of its qualities.

This is a 26 acre plot. You can't define it unless you are there. It is so unique and so much to see. As you drive up to the wooden display stands for the produce that extend for 20 yards or so with displays of summer fruit peaches, plums, grapes, cantaloupes and local vegetables of all kind.

There were straw dolls covered with wooden frames in different parts of the area. The owners has been there for 35 years so you will see all kinds of material, canvas top material, wine barrels and so much material stuff that has been around for a long time. Betsy said "they will be having an auction to clean up all this debris in this coming week". Before I saw what was around I wondered what there was to be auctioned off. I did not wonder for long.

Initially, I thought long and hard why I would bother going to a produce stand and a farm. I have seen many of these over a lifetime of experiences. I also worked on a farm in Amherst, Ohio some 80 years ago when I was hired to organize the apple harvesting. Amherst was noted for harvesting long keeping Johnathan apples. You must remember that there was no long-term refrigeration at that time.

Johnathan's were harvested in early April. It is interesting to note that this variety of apples was preferred by Jews and Italians who celebrated Easter and Passover at that time individually. Obtaining this fruit in season was a catch. The area remained famous for a long time.

The Blue Jean Farms and Greenhouse was a source for the famous Belgian Mums. This still popular plant has gathered many friends year after year. You will see hundreds of Mums in cans and designated spots in the ground. They had just come into bloom and what a beautiful sight they are. We are lucky to have seen them in this state of growth.

The perennials are also special because you pull them out of the ground taking the dirt and the plant together to plant them. It is worth the trip even though it is quite a distant away. It is straight away to route 422 to route 5.

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